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About us


Zonda Partners is an investment banking boutique serving companies in the Nordic life sciences industry. Our partners have long-standing experience, indepth knowledge and networks in the life science industry. We are a partner of choice for companies seeking discreet, conflict-free and professional advice on all aspects of life science corporate finance. Zonda Partners is tied agent to Eminova...



Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of life sciences finance, including capital markets and investment banking. We have an equally strong foundation in science, which enables us to analyse and single out stellar companies and present their stories to highly sophisticated investors.



Since our inception in August 2016 we have advised corporate clients, raising more than SEK 6 billion from global specialist investors, blue chip pension funds and renown mutual funds. Before taking on a fund-raising advisory assignment we perform extensive due diligence to make sure that the companies we work with are of such high quality that we can leverage our global network of highly...